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 Blogs Index 1: REVIVALS

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Flashpoints of RevivalThis page is similar to the Revivals Index – top bar Menu.

Revivals Index (Top Bar Menu) has more details and links, including links to specific revivals.


riverlife-goingdeeperPodcast link: 21st-century revivals – Riverlife Church: Geoff & grandson Dante talk with staff about revivals they’ve seen

Recent Revival Blogs

0 0 Jurney M2 Revival Reports – biographical

0 0 A Journey MissionRevival Highlights from Journey into Mission
and from Journey into Ministry and Mission

Day and night prayer impacted a community



f-akersRevivals Across the South of USA

Virginia2Revival Fires in West Virginia

ASUCurrent Revival in America’s Largest University

Blessings Bible Atheist Author Recognizes

Global Faith Revival 

General Revival Blogs

Carl Lawrence & David WangThe Spirit told us what to do

Two teenage girls plant many churches

Excerpt from The Coming Influence of China
Johan van BruggenActs 3 acted out in faith in PNG
cfan1He woke up totally healed





Mama Luka“Before they call I will answer”
Helen Roseveare in Africa
RuibalRevival Impacted Bolivia
 Russ StendalChristian Light
is filling Columbia’s
Spiritual Black Hole
Jesus invaded a Buddhist Monastery
in the Himalayas

Peter Morgan Pinnacle Pocket Revival, North Queenslandrepent-Holy-Ghost-partyWhy Culture won’t Change without Radical RevivalUntitledPrinciples of Revival from History

1Students ignite Charismatic Movement

p1Transformation in Juarez, Mexico

A faceRevivals in the Middle East

RICOHPentecost on Pentecost Island

0 revive-us-again-1Revival Quotes

Chuck Smith Lonnie FrisbeeJesus People Revival

Mel TariMel Tari on the Timor Revival

Syrian-Outreach-400x267-300x200Many Muslims are Turning to Christ

Weat AfricaThe church on the camel’s path
ConferencePraiseChina – New Wave of Revival
Hicks vision2A Vision of the Pure & Powerful Bride

Tommy Hicks’ Revival Vision

Dawkins RobbyGangsters in the Doorway
Interrupted by God

 1Revival in Brazil

Transformation through Prayer

Evangelicals Grow from 7% to 45% in 7 years

Revival Summaries

Condensed from Flashpoints of Revivals and Revival Fires

Biblical Background

Pentecost to the Reformation

The Great Awakenings

Eighteenth Century Revivals: The Great Awakening

Early Nineteenth Century Revivals: Frontier and Missionary Revivals

Mid-nineteenth Century Revivals: Prayer Revivals

Early Twentieth Century Revivals: Worldwide Revivals

Mid-twentieth Century Revivals: Healing Evangelism Revivals

Late Twentieth Century Revivals: Renewal and Revival

Final Decade, Twentieth Century Revivals: Blessing Revivals

Twenty First Century Revivals: Transforming Revivals

Revival stories – inspiring accounts

See also: Great Revival Stories

Survey of Revivals (Geoff Waugh)

Revival Adventures (Geoff Waugh)

Revival Reports (Geoff Waugh)

Atheist Author Recognizes Global Faith Revival

Australia – Pinnacle Pocket Revival, North Queensland

Australia – Pentecost in Arnhem Land (Djiniyini Gondarra)

Australia – Fire of God among Aborigines (John Blacket)

Australia – Pilgrimage in Renewal (John-Charles Vockler)

Australia – Young Christians sharing Good News in Brisbane

Australia & South Pacific – Healing Evangelism (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – Bougainville Revival (Royree Jensen)

South Pacific –Acts 3 acted out in faith in PNG (Johan van Bruggen)

South Pacific – Vanuatu Revival Meetings (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – 21st Century Revivals in the Pacific (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – Pentecost on Pentecost Island

Indonesia – Mel Tari on the Timor Revival

Asia’s Maturing Church (David Wang)

China – The Spirit told us what to do (Carl Lawrence)

China – Revival in China (Dennis Balcombe)

China – House Churches (Barbara Nield)

China – New Wave of Revival

China – Chinese turning to Christianity

Nepal – Revival Meetings (Raju Sundas)

Nepal – Jesus Invaded a Buddhist Monastery

India – Filth & Fertile Ground

India – One Touch from Jesus

India – Reading to his father

Russia – Speaking God’s Word (David Yonggi Cho)

UK – Alpha in Prison

Europe – Seven Signs of Hope (Jeff Fountain)

Europe – Two Unlikely People in Rome

North America – Jesus People Revival

North America – Students ignite Charismatic Movement

North America – Pensacola Revival (Michael Brown)

North America – Baltimore Revival (Elizabeth Moll Stalcup)

North America – Mobile Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Smithton Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Gangsters in the Doorway (Robby Dawkins)

North America – Interrupted by God (Robby Dawkins)

North America – 20th Anniversary – Toronto Blessing (Randy Clark)

North America – An Unfolding Revival: Pine Ridge

North America – Revival Fires in West Virginia

North America – Revival in America’s Largest University

Mexico – The River of God (David Hogan)

Mexico – Transformation in Juarez, Mexico

Central America – Missions at the Margins (Bob Ekblad)

South America – Snapshots of Glory (George Otis Jr)

South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)

South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (George Otis)

South America – Christian Light filling Columbia’s Black Hole

South America – Cali Transformation (George Otis Jr)

South America – Almolonga, the Miracle City (Mell Winger)

South America – Prison Revival in Argentina (Ed Silvoso)

South America – Argentina Revival (Guido Kuwas)

South America – Bogotá Revival, by Guido Kuwas

South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)

South America – Brazil: Transformation by Prayer (Inger Logelin)

Israel – Jews finding Jesus in Israel (God Reports)

Middle East – Revival in the Middle East

Middle East – Many Muslims are Turning to Christ

Iran – fastest growing evangelical population

Arabia – Sheiks import Bibles

Egypt – Miracles in Garbage City, Cairo (Joel News)

Africa – Reinhard Bonnke’s beginnings

Africa – “This Disco is a church” (Reinhard Bonnke)

Africa – Congo: Before they call I will answer (Helen Roseveare)

Africa – Mozambique: The Primacy of Love (Heidi Baker)

Africa – Ghana: He woke up totally healed (Daniel Kolenda)

Africa – The church on the camel’s path

Africa – Ghana Miracles (Geoff Waugh)

Africa – Kenya Mission (Geoff Waugh)

Links to revival resources

Renewal Journal and Geoff Waugh on Facebook – regular updates

Tommy Hicks’ Revival Vision

Authors of Renewal Journal articles

Revival Library – revival-library.org

Revival Quotes


Blogs Index 1: REVIVALS (Briefer than REVIVALS INDEX)

Blogs Index 2: MISSION (International stories)

Blogs Index 3: MIRACLES (Supernatural events)

Blogs Index 4: DEVOTIONAL (Including testimonies)

Blogs Index 5: Church (Christianity in Action)

Blogs Index 6: CHAPTERS (Blogs from books)

Blogs Index 7: IMAGES (Photos and albums)









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