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Blogs Index 1: Revivals

 Blogs Index 1: REVIVALS

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Blogs Index 1: Revivals (briefer than Revivals Index)

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Blogs Index 3: Miracles (supernatural events)

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Flashpoints of RevivalThis page is similar to the Revivals Index – top bar Menu.

Revivals Index (Top Bar Menu) has more details and links, including links to specific revivals.



Recent Revival Blogs

UntitledPrinciples of Revival from History

1Students ignite Charismatic Movement

p1Transformation in Juarez, Mexico

A faceRevivals in the Middle East

RICOHPentecost on Pentecost Island

0 revive-us-again-1Revival Quotes

Chuck Smith Lonnie FrisbeeJesus People Revival

Mel TariMel Tari on the Timor Revival

Syrian-Outreach-400x267-300x200Many Muslims are Turning to Christ

Weat AfricaThe church on the camel’s path*ConferencePraiseChina – New Wave of Revival*Blessings BibleGlobal Faith Revival*





General Revival Blogs

Carl Lawrence & David WangThe Spirit told us what to do
Two teenage girls plant many churches

Excerpt from The Coming Influence of China
MonksJesus invaded a Buddhist Monastery
in the Himalayas
Johan van BruggenActs 3 acted out in faith in PNG
cfan1He woke up totally healed





Mama Luka“Before they call I will answer”
Helen Roseveare in Africa
RuibalRevival Impacted Bolivia
 Russ StendalChristian Light

is filling Columbia’s
Spiritual Black Hole
Hicks vision2A Vision of the Pure & Powerful Bride
Tommy Hicks’ Revival Vision

Dawkins RobbyGangsters in the Doorway
Interrupted by God

 1Revival in Brazil

Transformation through Prayer

Evangelicals Grow from 7% to 45% in 7 years

Revival Summaries

Condensed from Flashpoints of Revivals and Revival Fires

Biblical Background

Pentecost to the Reformation

The Great Awakenings

Eighteenth Century Revivals: The Great Awakening
Early Nineteenth Century Revivals: Frontier and Missionary Revivals

Mid-nineteenth Century Revivals: Prayer Revivals
Early Twentieth Century Revivals: Worldwide Revivals
Mid-twentieth Century Revivals: Healing Evangelism Revivals
Late Twentieth Century Revivals: Renewal and Revival
Final Decade, Twentieth Century Revivals: Blessing Revivals
Twenty First Century Revivals: Transforming Revivals

Revival stories – inspiring accounts

See also: Great Revival Stories
Survey of Revivals (Geoff Waugh)

Revival Adventures (Geoff Waugh)
Atheist Author Recognizes Global Faith Revival

Australia – Pentecost in Arnhem Land (Djiniyini Gondarra)
Australia – Fire of God among Aborigines (John Blacket)
Australia – Pilgrimage in Renewal (John-Charles Vockler)
Australia – Young Christians sharing Good News in Brisbane
Australia & South Pacific – Healing Evangelism (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – Bougainville Revival (Royree Jensen)
South Pacific –
Acts 3 acted out in faith in PNG (Johan van Bruggen)
South Pacific – Vanuatu Revival Meetings (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – 21st Century Revivals in the Pacific (Geoff Waugh)
South Pacific – Pentecost on Pentecost Island
Indonesia – Mel Tari on the Timor Revival

Asia’s Maturing Church (David Wang)
China – The Spirit told us what to do (Carl Lawrence)
China – Revival in China (Dennis Balcombe)
China – House Churches (Barbara Nield)
China – New Wave of Revival
China – Chinese turning to Christianity

Nepal – Revival Meetings (Raju Sundas)
Nepal – Jesus Invaded a Buddhist Monastery
India – Filth & Fertile Ground

India – One Touch from Jesus
India – Reading to his father
Russia – Speaking God’s Word (David Yonggi Cho)

UK – Alpha in Prison
Europe – Seven Signs of Hope (Jeff Fountain)
Europe – Two Unlikely People in Rome

North America – Jesus People Revival
North America – Students ignite Charismatic Movement

North America – Pensacola Revival (Michael Brown)
North America – Baltimore Revival (Elizabeth Moll Stalcup)
North America – Mobile Revival (Joel Kilpatrick
North America – Smithton Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Gangsters in the Doorway (Robby Dawkins)
North America – Interrupted by God (Robby Dawkins)
North America – 20th Anniversary – Toronto Blessing (Randy Clark)
North America – An Unfolding Revival: Pine Ridge

Mexico – The River of God (David Hogan)
Mexico – Transformation in Juarez, Mexico
Central America – Missions at the Margins (Bob Ekblad)

South America – Snapshots of Glory (George Otis Jr)
South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)

South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (George Otis)
South America – Christian Light filling Columbia’s Black Hole
South America – Cali Transformation (George Otis Jr)
South America – Almolonga, the Miracle City (Mell Winger)
South America – Prison Revival in Argentina (Ed Silvoso)
South America – Argentina Revival (Guido Kuwas)
South America – Bogotá Revival, by Guido Kuwas
South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)
South America – Brazil: Transformation by Prayer (Inger Logelin)

Israel – Jews finding Jesus in Israel (God Reports)
Middle East – Revival in the Middle East
Middle East – Many Muslims are Turning to Christ
Iran – fastest growing evangelical population
Arabia – Sheiks import Bibles
Egypt – Miracles in Garbage City, Cairo (Joel News)

Africa – Reinhard Bonnke’s beginnings
Africa – “This Disco is a church” (Reinhard Bonnke)
Africa – Congo: Before they call I will answer (Helen Roseveare)
Africa – Mozambique: The Primacy of Love (Heidi Baker)

Africa – Ghana: He woke up totally healed (Daniel Kolenda)
Africa – The church on the camel’s path

Africa – Ghana Miracles (Geoff Waugh)
Africa – Kenya Mission (Geoff Waugh)

Links to revival resources

Renewal Journal and Geoff Waugh on Facebook – regular updates
Tommy Hicks’ Revival Vision
Authors of Renewal Journal articles

Revival Library – revival-library.org
Revival Quotes


Blogs Index 1: REVIVALS (Briefer than REVIVALS INDEX)

Blogs Index 2: MISSION (International stories)

Blogs Index 3: MIRACLES (Supernatural events)

Blogs Index 4: DEVOTIONAL (Including testimonies)

Blogs Index 5: CHAPTERS (Blogs from books)

Blogs Index 6: IMAGES (Photos and albums)








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  3. […] Blogs Index 1: Revivals (briefer than Revivals Index) […]


  4. […] Blogs Index 1: Revivals (briefer than Revivals Index) […]






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