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Alexander: The Kingdom Within, by Irene Alexander
Alexander: Redeeming a Positive Biblical View of Sexuality, John Meteyard and Irene Alexander

Alexander: The Mystics and Contemporary Psychology, Irene Alexander
Alexander: The God who dies, Irene Alexander
Armstrong: Sounds of Revival, by Sue Armstrong
Ashton:: Renewal Blessings: Reflections from Australia by John Davies, Phil Ashton, Geoff Glass & Tony Stevens

Bagnall: The New Believers, by Dianna Bagnall
Baker: Primacy of Love, by Heidi Baker
Balcombe: Revival in China, by Dennis Balcombe
Barton: Aboriginal Revivals, by Craig Siggins and Mairi Barton
Beard: Interview with Steven Hill, by Steve Beard
Beech: Times of Refreshing, by Greg Beech
Bennett: Covenant Community, by Shayne Bennett
Bickle: Beyond Prophesying, by Mike Bickle
Blacker: Spiritual Healing, by John Blacker
Blacket: Fire of God among Aborigines, by John Blacket
Brenton: Pentecostal/Charismatic Pioneers, by Daryl Brenton

Brenton: Vision for Church Growth, by Daryl & Cecily Brenton
Brookes: New Life for an Older Church, by Dean Brookes
Brown: Pensacola Revival, by Michael Brown, and Becky Powers

Bryar: Charismatic Worship and Ministry, by Stephen Bryar
Bullock: Beyond Self-Centred Worship, by Geoff Bullock
Burton: Alpha Conquers Prisons, by Charlie Burton

Bush: Reaching the Core of the Core, by Luis Bush

Cartledge: Waves of Glory, by David Cartledge
Chant: Myths about Jonathan Edwards, by Barry Chant
Cho: Speaking God’s Word, by David Yonggi Cho
Clark: Power Evangelism in Short Term Missions, by Randy Clark

Coleman: Worship God in Dance, by Lucinda Coleman
Colliver: Church in the Home, by Spencer Colliver
Colliver: A Healing Community, by Spencer Colliver
Colman: Healing through Worship, by Robert Colman
Cooley: A Touch of Glory,by Lindell Cooley
Commadeur: The Spirit in the Church, by Adrian Commadeur
Court: Discernment, by John Court

Crawford: Counselling Christianly, by Ann Crawford
Crawford: life, death and choice, by Ann Crawford
Croucher: Evangelism on the Internet, by Rowland Croucher

Croucher: Charismatic renewal: myths and realities, by Rowland Croucher

Davies: Renewal Blessings: Reflections from Australia by John Davies, Phil Ashton, Geoff Glass & Tony Stevens
Dawkins: Gangsters in the Doorway (Robby Dawkins)

Dawkins: Interrupted by God (Robby Dawkins)
Doornweerd: How to Minister Like Jesus, by Bart Doornweerd

Earle: Mentoring, by Peter Earle
Eastman: God’s Visitation, by Dick Eastman
Eastman: Look what God is Doing, by Dick Eastman

Edgar: Renewal in a College Community, by Bran Edgar
Ekblad: Missions at the Margins, by Bob Ekblad

Estillore Oliver: Spiritual Warfare, by Cecilia Estillore Oliver
Evans: Church Growth through Prayer, by Andrew Evans
Evans: A Fresh Wave, by Andrew Evans
Everitt: Renewal in the Church, by Stan Everitt

Fairley: Women in Ministry, by Sue Fairley
Faggotter: Revival Fire at Wuddina, by Trevor Faggotter
Fountain: Europe – Seven Signs of Hope, by Jeff Fountain

Freestone: House Churches, by Ian Freestone
French: Renewal Blessing, by Ron French
Frewen-Lord: Growing a Church in the Spirit’s Power, by Jack Frewen-Lord

Glass: Renewal Blessings: Reflections from Australia by John Davies, Phil Ashton, Geoff Glass & Tony Stevens
Godde: Redeeming the Arts: visionaries of the future, by Sandra Godde
Gondarra: Pentecost in Arnhem Land, by Djiniyini Gondarra.
Grant: My Resume, by Paul Grant
Greenfield: Power from on High – The Moravian Revival, by John Greenfield

Hathaway: Words, Signs and Deeds, by Brian Hathaway
Heard: God’s Awesome Presence, by R Heard
Hey: New Wineskins for Pentecostal Studies, by Sam Hey
Hey: Ministry Confronts Secularisation, by Sam Hey
Hicks: A Pure and Powerful Bride, Revival Vision, by Tommy Hicks

Hinn: A Greater Anointing, by Benny Hinn
Hogan: The River of God, by David Hogan
Holbeck: My Learning Curve on Healing, by Jim Holbeck
Hollenweger: Pentecostalism’s Global Language, by Walter Hollenweger
Holyoak: Problems Associated with the Institutionalisation of Ministry, by Warren Holyoak
Howard-Browne: Amazed by Miracles, by Rodney Howard-Brown
Hyatt : Women and Religions, by Susan Hyatt

Jensen: Bougainville Revival, by Royree Jensen

Khong: Vision and Strategy for Church Growth, by Lawrence Khong
Kilpatrick: Smithton Revival, by Joel Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick: Mobile Revival, by Joel Kilpatrick
Kolenda, He woke up totally healed (Daniel Kolenda)

Kuwas: Argentina Revival, by Guido Kuwas
Kuwas: Revival in Bogotá, by Guido Kuwas

Lawrence: The Spirit told us what to do, by Carl Lawrence
Lithgow: Missionary Translator and Doctor, by David Lithgow
Logelin: Revival in Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (Inger Logelin)

Marshall: The Rise and Rise of the Apostles, by Phil Marshall
Mattheson: Called to Community, by Dorothy Mathieson and Tim McCowan
Mathieson: Worship: to Soothe or Disturb? by Dorothy Mathieson
McCowan: Called to Community, by Dorothy Mathieson & Tim McCowan

McElroy: Renewal Leadership, by John McElroy.
McGavran: Divine Healing and Church Growth, by Donald McGavran
McQuillan: Harvest Now, by Robert McQuillan
McQuillan: The ‘Diana Prophecy’, by Robert McQuillan
Medway: Standing in the Rain: Argentine Revival, by Brian Medway
Medway: The ‘No Name’ Revival, by Brian Medway
Meteyard: Redeeming a Positive Biblical View of Sexuality, by John Meteyard & Irene Alexander
Miller: Reflections from England, by Sandy Miller & Eleanor Mumford

Mok: Church Models: Integration or Assimilation? by Jeannie Mok
Mumford: Reflections from England, by Sandy Miller & Eleanor Mumford

Nield: China’s House Churches, by Barbara Nield

Orr: Prayer and Revival, by J Edwin Orr
Otis: Cali Transformation, by George Otis Jr.
Otis: Snapshots of Glory, George Otis Jr.
Overend: The Voice of the Church in the 21st Century, Ray Overend

Pate: Revival in Mexico City, by Kevin Pate
Pattishall-Baker: Evangelism brings Renewal, by Cindy Pattishall-Baker
Piggin: Local Revivals in Australia, by Stuart Piggin
Pillai: Mission in India, by Paul Pillai
Pilt: Resurrection (Peter Pilt)
Pilt: 10 Ways Heaven will be a Blast (Peter Pilt)
Plant: Catch the Fire, by Dennis Plant
Prince: Uproar in the Church, by Derek Prince

Rice: Primordial events in theology and science support a life/death ethic, by Martin Rice
Ringma: Lower the Drawbridge, by Charles Ringma.
Riss: Characteristics of Revivals, by Richard Riss
Riss: Evangelical Heroes Speak, by Richard Riss

Riss: Worldwide Awakening, by Richard Riss
Riss: Lessons from Revivals, by Richard Riss
Robinson: Praying the Price, by Stuart Robinson
Roseveare: Living Faith, by Helen Roseveare
Ruibal: Revival Impacted Bolivia, by Ruth Ruibal

Salter: What on earth is God doing? by Owen Salter
Sandford: The Gathering of the Nations,by Paula Sandford
Setch: Disciple-Makers, by Mark Setch
Siggings: Aboriginal Revivals, by Craig Siggins and Mairi Barton
Silvoso: Prison Revival in Argentina, by Ed Silvoso
Skelton: One Touch from Jesus, by Paul Skelton
Small: Reflections, by Alan Small
Stalcup: Baltimore Revival, by Elizabeth Moll Stalcup
Steingard: Preparing for Revival Fire, by Jerry Steingard

Stevens: Renewal Blessings: Reflections from Australia by John Davies, Phil Ashton, Geoff Glass & Tony Stevens

Sundras: Revival in Nepal, by Raju Sundras

Tann: Worship – Touching Body and Soul, by Robert Tann
Taylor: Balance, by Charles Taylor
Taylor: Can the Leopard Change his Spots?by Charles Taylor
Taylor: Gospel Essentials, by Charles Taylor
Tenny: The God Chasers, by Tommy Tenny
Trinder: Spirit Wave, by Darren Trinder

Vockler: Pilgrimage in renewal, by John-Charles Vockler

Wagner: The Power to Heal the Past, by C. Peter Wagner
Wagner: The New Song, by C. Peter Wagner
Wagner: The New Apostolic Reformation, by C. Peter Wagner
Wang: Asia’s Maturing Church, by David Wang
Ware: The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying (Bronnie Ware)

Warren: The Home Church, by Colin Warren
Warren: Deliverance and Freedom, by Colin Warren
Warlow: Christian Wholeness Counselling, by John Warlow

Waugh: Healing Evangelism (Geoff Waugh)
Waugh: Astounding Church Growth, by Geoff Waugh
Waugh: Community Transformation, by Geoff Waugh

Waugh: New Wineskins to Develop Ministry, by Geoff Waugh
Waugh: Revivals into 2000, by Geoff Waugh

Waugh: Revival Worship, by Geoff Waugh
Waugh: Renewal Ministry, by Geoff Waugh
Waugh: Revival Fire, by Geoff Waugh
Waugh: Spirit Impacts in Revivals, by Geoff Waugh
Waugh: Transforming Revivals, by Geoff Waugh

Waugh: Unity not Uniformity, by Geoff Waugh

Waugh: Vision for Ministry, by Geoff Waugh
White: Supernatural Ministry, by John White with Julia Loren
Wicks: Reflections on Renewal, by Ralph Wicks
Wimber: Power Evangelism, by John Wimber
Wimber: A Season of New Beginnings, by John Wimber

Wimber: Worship – Intimacy with God, by John & Carol Wimber
Winger: Almolonga, the Miracle City, by Mell Winger
Wissemann: Pensacola Evangelist Steve Hill, by Sharon Wissemann

Book Reviews

#1: Revival: Prayer: Key to Revival byYonggi Cho; Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements by S M Burgess & G B McGee (eds); Experiences of the Spirit by Jan Jongenell (ed); Pentecost, Mission and Ecumenism: Essays on Intercultural Theology by Jan Jongeneel (ed); Church on Fire by Geoff Waugh

#2 Chrch Growth: Heart of Fire by Barry Chant; The Spirit in the Church by Adrian Commadeur; Streams of Renewal by Robert Bruce (ed); Word and Spirit by Alison Sherington; Living in the Spirit by Geoff Waugh

#3 Community: Book and Video Review: Viva Christo Rey! by Rene Laurentin

#4 Healing: Healing by Francis MacNutt; Power Healing by John Wimber & Kevin Springer; Healing through Deliverance by Peter Horrobin; Healing in the Now by John Blacker; All Together in One Place by Harold Hunter & Peter Hocken (eds)

#5 Signs and Wonders: Comment on books by John White, JohnWimber, Charles Kraft, Guy Chevreau and Dave Roberts

#6 Worship: Winds of Change: The Experience of Church in a Changing Australia by Peter Kaldor (ed); Views from the Pews by Peter Kaldor (ed); Jesus the Baptiser with the Holy Spirit by Allan Norling

#7 Blessing: Comment on books by Partick Dixon, Rob Warner, Guy Chevreau, Mkie Feardon, Dave Roberts, Wallace Boulton, John Arnott, Andy & Jane Fitz-Gibbon, and Ken & Lois Gott

#8 Awakening: Fire from Heaven by Harvey Cox

#9 Mission: Building a Better World by Dave Andrews; Surprised by the Power of the Spirit and Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere

#10 Evangelism: Flashpoints of Revival by Geoff Waugh, reviewed by C. Peter Wagner

#11 Discipleship: Taking Our Cities for God by John Dawson

#12 Harvest: 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity by Eddie Hyatt

#13 Ministry: Fire in the Outback by John Blacket; The Holiness-Pentecostal Tradition by Vinson Synan

#14 Anointing: The God Chasers by Tommy Tenny; Primary Purpose by Ted Haggard

#15 Wineskins: Pentecostalism by Walter Hollenweger; The Transforming Power of Revival edited by Harold Caballeros and Mell Winger.

#16 Vision: Jesus on Leadership by Gene Wilkes, Supernatural Missions by Randy Clark.

#17 Unity: Transformation Videos 1 and 2; Informed Intercession by George Otis, Jr.

#18 Servant Leadership: In the Spirit We’re Equal: The Spirit, The Bible, and Women – A Revival Perspective, by Susan Hyatt, Firestorm of the Lord by Stuart Piggin, Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia by Robert Evans.

#19 Church: Jesus, Author and Finisher, by Brian Mulheran, South Pacific Rvivals, by Geoff Waugh

#20 Life: Body Ministry, and Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and Revival by Geoff Waugh.

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