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Team visit to Pentecost Island, Vanuatu, July 2017.


Service at Panlimsi village, near Pangi, Pentecost Island, with the overflow crowd

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We encourage and support revival leaders on Pentecost Island regularly. That includes providing revival books and resources, Bibles, and helping pastors with high school fees for their children.

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Team Visit, July 2017

We returned with another small team of Stan and Daphne Beattie (my sister & Judith’s parents), Emily Staples from Riverlife (formerly Kenmore) Baptist Church, and my grandson Dante, in the photo here with Morrison, a school prefect, and son of hosts Jackson & Annette.


Riverlife church people gave generously to help with a guitar, a keyboard, and about 50 spectacles (helping older people read Bibles), and gifts of Bibles as well. Miraculously we were not charged excess baggage on any flight!

Dante and Morrison join the musicians at Panlimsi village church, near Pangi

Emily, a nurse, spent hours helping in the local clinic, talking and praying with many people daily, and sharing in meetings, including her first ‘words of knowledge’ about healings needed. Everyone we prayed for reported that pain had gone (for some of them after a bit more prayer, and for some even before we started praying for them).

Stan and Daphne reunited with friends there, especially Jackson and Annette (who cared for their daughter Judith’s family with the 4 grandchildren) and Rolanson and Doneth and Grant who also visited their home near Rockhampton this year. Stan explored more possibilities for village water supplies and hydro power, and they both shared in meetings and prayed often with people.

Dante [former captain Kenmore High School, twice sportsman of the year, captain of Qld & Australian schoolboys volleyball teams competing in NZ, Singapore & Malaysia, Middle School Science & Senior School Physics awards, etc., Uni Power to Change worship leader] was a hit again with the youth and with his guitar in the meetings and in the high school at Ranwadi. We’re so blessed to see him growing in anointed leading of worship in churches and at university in Australia, and on mission in Vanuatu and in Maynamar/Burma.

Again our evenings were busy with meetings in three village churches and at Ranwadi College, their high school. Again we prayed with many people in each meeting, for many needs and empowering. Again they reported pain gone quickly – sometimes even before we prayed for them! See photos with brief comments on my Facebook album – with links to videos, such as in the evening service at the high school on https://youtu.be/acQjF125SR8.

Ranwadi College high school chapel, Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

See more photos on my Facebook album

Many people prayed for Jackson this year and on Sunday he testified to the miracle that his blood count tested normal after a long period of high levels of diabetes.  One lady suffering severe asthma was flown to hospital in Port Vila where she died three times but was revived.

We ‘happened’ to be there when the new MP (Member of Parliament) Silas Bule (formerly the principal of Ranwadi College) came to give Gideon New Testaments to all the primary and high school students, so we were involved in challenging them to read their new gifts regularly.

A moving time for us was as we prayed for local mission team leaders who will be going with Pastor Rolanson to other areas on Spirit-led and Spirit-filled evangelism and healing. God continues to open more doors for them into other areas. And so the Word of the Lord continues to spread in authority and power.

Praying with the local mission team leaders at Panlimsi village church, near Pangi

On our return, via Espiritu Santo island, we visited healing waters there. That was the island where Ferdinand de Quiros named the southern islands the Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit – Terra Australis del Espiritu Santo.  That island retains its name of Espiritu Santo [Holy Spirit], and Australia the southern continent name.

Earlier in 2017, as a lady there with cancer prayed, God led her to dig in the sand near rocks on the southern beach by the airport road. Fresh spring waters began flowing there from among the rocks and brought healing, for her and many others who keep coming from many places – a reminder of healing waters in Jordan (for Naaman the Syrian general), and at Bethesda and the Pool of Siloam and of Moses with water flowing from the rock. People are warned that if they bring witchcraft there or sell the spring water they may die – some did that and died.

We are grateful that we have been able to assist and encourage the people of Vanuatu and see God touching and blessing so many.

We have invested into establishing a Revival Training Centre as a revival base to help equip revival team ministries.

If you would like to help financially my Australian mission account is: Geoffrey Waugh, BSB 014249, Ac. 5647 11123.

ANZ Swift Code is ANZBAU3M

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Mission Network News – pray without ceasing

Islamic State loses Mosul

International (MNN) — ISIS is losing ground.

This week United States-backed Iraqi special forces took most of Mosul, dealing another blow to the ISIS caliphate. They’ve lost ground in Iraq and Syria, and Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada calls the extremist group “demoralized”.

But Musselman says the fight is far from over. “Even though they have been defeated in terms of land in the Middle East, that does not mean that they are going to stop trying to cause havoc and enforcing their brand of Islam on the rest of the world.”

Losing land does not mean losing power.

That’s what makes ISIS so unique. Instead of being centered around a region or a nation, ISIS is focused on a set of extreme beliefs, and thanks to media and the internet, it’s easy for like-minded radical Muslims to connect with the group. “They had this caliphate and that was very attractive to those who are buying into this militant Islam from all over the world,” Musselman says.

Musselman explains ISIS members are beginning to move from group assaults to “lone wolf attacks”, and because these attacks are so removed from the main part of ISIS, the group can pick and choose which events to claim based on the “success” of the project — the body count.

And those attacks are becoming more and more common. Musselman points to Indonesia as an example. With 203 million Muslims, Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any other nation in the world and has remained relatively peaceful.

However, there has been a rise of recent attacks in southern parts of the country that indicate, though ISIS may not make a massive grab for territory, the group might be facing relocation, not extermination. “With that many Muslims, chances are you’ll find a few willing to join the radical side of Islam,” Musselman says.

ISIS pulls in followers by appealing to Muslims dissatisfied with their societies. “We do know that the propaganda that is happening and ideology that is being pushed by many of these leaders to inflame people says, ‘See? We’re being persecuted, we’re being oppressed, and we need to stand up.’ That’s the rallying cry that they’re using,” Musselman says.

But ISIS’ power doesn’t just come from ideology and physical might. “The Bible says that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and that’s what’s happening. These people are being used by the enemy to cause havoc and destruction.”

That means there’s a very real threat to ISIS idealism: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “They’re against anybody that opposes them, but the Christians are at the front of the line in their mind because of our message as followers of Jesus that Jesus is the only way. It’s not through violence,” Musselman says.

We show our God’s power through love and compassion, while the ISIS agenda says God’s power comes from physical might and aggression. “The message of the Gospel is the opposite of Islam. It’s not about rules, it’s about a relationship with Jesus.”

Christianity is an affront to ISIS ideals, and many Muslims are paying attention. “Often in these kinds of chaotic, tumultuous places, people tend to be more open to the Gospel,” Musselman says.

But Christianity isn’t just a threat to ISIS; it’s a target. That’s why the Church needs to unite in prayer and support. “We need to pray a prayer of protection for our brothers and sisters in Christ, that they will not bend under fear, that they would be bold, that the Lord would give them wisdom.”

Source: Mission Network News, July 7, 2017








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