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George Otis Jr. has produced many Transformations Videos with the Sentinel Group, and written about cities and communities being transformed by the power of God.

Transformation in Cali and the other cities featured in the ‘Transformations’ DVDs, continue to escalate, says George Otis Jr, director of The Sentinel Group. 

CALI, Colombia:  According to International Revival News (IRN), churches here are putting aside their differences, and this is resulting in great revival.  “Even death threats from Satanists can’t stop the church in Cali,” said missionary and pastor Randy MacMillan.

Cali, Columbia

Following the mysterious deaths of a number of pastors last year, MacMillan, pastor of the city’s 1,500-member Christian Faith Community Church survived several attempts on his life.   One man wanted to kill him during a Sunday service, but came up a few days later to confess that he had been paid by an international group of Satanists to shoot MacMillan.  “Something kept me from doing it,” he said.

The Columbian police consider the reports accurate but don’t think it worth investigating.  MacMillan says the city, previously known as a violent drug trafficking centre, is currently experiencing a Christian revival.  The churches have a common vision, and the effects of the Gospel are visible in government institutions, the drug world and the crime scene.  “All churches are affected, and we all know that we are in a spiritual battle,” says MacMillan.  “There are so many new believers that the church cannot keep pace.  Up to 50,000 people attend prayer rallies in the stadium.

It wasn’t always like that.  For many years, we pastors didn’t see eye to eye—sometimes we couldn’t even agree on where to meet.  In 1993, we decided to put these petty differences behind us and unite.  For example, we have elected 12 ‘spiritual elders’ to deal with city concerns.”

The Lord has been working in these communities in a marvellous way.  The transformation that has been reported is showing no signs of abating at all.  I just received a phone report indicating that the move of God in Cali has now begun to spread to other surrounding cities in the nation of Colombia, which, as you probably know, is presently being wrapped with civil unrest and violence at just a terrible level.

The entire soccer team associated with the City of Cali has now been born again.  This is the equivalent, for us, to the New York Yankees all giving their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ or the Seattle Mariners all given faith in one fell swoop.  It has really rattled the community down there.

In addition to this, in a recent all night prayer vigil, they have grown so large now that the football stadium there is now way too small for them.  In town there is this large a open area (near the centre of the city) that is a park, kind of a mall.  This is the only place now where they are able to congregate.

There were over eighty thousand of these folks that gathered together for the last all-night prayer vigil.  As you may recall, they have been doing this every ninety days since early 1995.  So this had real staying power.  The mayor was at this particular gathering and once again, reaffirmed, I guess in a very, very emotional way, that the city of Cali, Colombia belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

They had just been given permission in the city of Cali to open the first  Christian television station in the nation of Colombia.  Cali used to be the most violent and corrupt city in that nation.  I like that turn-around.

I also learned that the city of Medellin, just a little farther north, was the initial headquarters of the cocaine cartel before they moved to Cali, and also served as a major centre for the production, processing and export of heroin.  Medellin is an extremely dangerous city – a very large city, too.

What has happened in Cali has now spread and has gotten all over Medellin, Colombia.  They just recently held a march through the city of over eighty thousand people proclaiming Jesus as Lord and worshipping.  The city council there now, believe it or not, has banned the observance of Halloween (it’s gone that far) because of its pagan origin.  This just gives you a little bit of an idea of what is continuing to happen.

We have also, now, personally developed a recent list of communities that have been transformed in the last few years.  That number that started with eight when we began our research, now is at more than forty; this is a growing trend.  We are seeing God not only continuing his work in the cities that we have featured, but there are now dozens of additional communities around the world that have recently been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  That’s still only the beginning of what God is doing today.

Just as you and I are getting used to this idea that God can transform an entire city; not just grow a church in a community, but transform an entire city, God is now off to the races doing bigger and better things than that.  This is, of course, in God’s way.  You cannot keep up with him.  As soon as you think you’ve got Him figured, as soon as you think you have measured him, he’s moved beyond measure.

So, what we are seeing him do today is now moving into entire regions, provinces, national homelands.  In one case, I believe we are about ready to see an entire nation on the verge of being transformed.  This is what we have begun to film and will be the theme of the Transformations Two video that we hope to release in 2001.

Source: Joel News, No. 336, 18 September, 2000  www.joelnews.org

See also Renewal Journal #17: Unity:  “Snapshots of Glory” by George Otis Jr.

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