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Revival Quotes

Biblical Background

Pentecost to the Reformation

Great Awakenings

Summaries of Revivals: Brief representative examples

Specific Individual Revivals – See Revivals Index

Snapshots of Glory: Mizoram, Almolonga, Nigeria, Hemet, Cali

Global Phenomona: Kenya, Brazil, Argentina

Transforming Revivals in the South Pacific – 21st Century
Papua New Guinea, Solomon Isands, Vanuatu, Fiji


Ahn, Che: North America (1995)
Arnott, John: Toronto, Canada (1994)

Baker, Heidi: Mozambique
Beech, Greg: Australia (1994)
Bennett, Dennis: North America (1960)
Bonnke, Reinhard: Africa (1972)
Bonnke, Reinhard: Africa (1975)
Brainerd, David (1745)
Brown, Douglas: England (1921)
Burke, Todd: Cambodia (1973)
Campbell, Duncan: Hebrides (1949)

Carmichael, Amy: India (1905)

Cho, David Yonggi: Korea
Clark, Randy: North America (1994)

Cooley, Lindell: Pensacola (1994)
Edwards, Jonathan: New England (1735)
Finney, Charles: North America (1821)
Freidzon, Claudio: Argentina (1992)
Frisbee, Lonnie: Jesus People Revival (1980)
Goforth, Jonathan: China (1908)

Gondarra, Djiniyini: Australia (1979)
Gott, Ken: England (1994)
Grant, Paul: Vanuatu (1962)
Gray, Adrian: Australia (1994)
Gray, Steve: North America (1996)
Heard, R: North America (1996)

Hill, Steve: Pensacola (1994)
Hinn, Benny: North America (1974)

Hogan, David: Mexico (1994)
Hoover, Willis: Chile (1909)
Howells, Rees: Africa (1915)
Howard-Browne, Rodney: South Africa (1979)
Johnian, Mona: North America (1993)
Johnson, Ron: North America (1996)
Kolenda, Daniel (2014)
Lanphier, Jeremiah: North America (1857)
Leo, Nahor: Timor (1965)
Mangratee, David: India (1960)

McGready, James: Kentucky (1800)
McLeod, Bill: Canada (1971)
McQuilkin, James: Ireland (1859)
Miers, Neil: Australia (1993)
Miller, Edward: Argentina (1951)
Misang, Jobson: PNG (1988)
Moody, Dwight Lyman: North America (1871)
Mumford, Eleanor: England (1994)
Opet, Ezekiel: Bougainville (1987)
Overend, Ray: PNG (1984)
Padayache, Jesse: Australia (1999)

Palmer, Phoebe (1857)
Parham, Charles: North America (1901)

Pentecostal/Charismatic Pioneers
Pierce, Bart: North America (1997)
Ramabai, Pandita: India (1905)
Rikum Imchen: India (1954)
Roseveare, Helen: Congo
Roberts, Evan: Wales (1904)
Seymour, William: Azusa Street (1906)
Siggins, Craig: Australia (1997)

Stone, Barton: Kentucky (1801)
Studd, Charles T: Africa (1914)
Sung, John: China (1927)
Taylor, Clark: Australia (1968)

Tenny, Tommy: The God Chasers
Thompson, Muri: South Pacific (1970)
Turner, Cecil: North America (1996)
Van Brugen, Johan: PNG (1988)
Wesley, John (1739)
Whitefield, George (1739)
Wiltshire, Max: Australia (1998)
Wimber, John: North America (1980)

Zinzendorf, Nicholas (1727)

There are many more! These are examples


Australia – Pentecost in Arnhem Land (Djiniyini Gondarra)
Australia – Fire of God among Aborigines (John Blacket)
Australia – Pilgrimage in Renewal (John-Charles Vockler)
Australia – Young Christians sharing Good News on the streets in Brisbane
Australia & South Pacific – Healing Evangelism (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – Bougainville Revival (Royree Jensen)
South Pacific –
Acts 3 acted out in faith in PNG (Johan van Bruggen)

South Pacific – Vanuatu Revival Meetings (Geoff Waugh)

South Pacific – 21st Century Revivals in the South Pacific (Geoff Waugh)
Indonesia – Mel Tari on the Timor Revival

Asia’s Maturing Church, by David Wang.
China – The Spirit told us what to do (Carl Lawrence)
China – Revival in China (Dennis Balcombe)
China – House Churches, (Barbara Nield)
China – New Wave of Revival
China – Chinese turning to Christianity
China – Revival Breaks Out in China’s Government Approved Churches

Nepal – Revival Meetings (Raju Sundas)
India – One Touch from Jesus
Russia – Speaking God’s Word (David Yonggi Cho)

UK – Alpha in Prison
Europe – Seven Signs of Hope (Jeff Fountain)
Europe – Two Unlikely People in Rome

North America – Jesus People Revival
North America – Pensacola Revival (Michael Brown)
North America – Baltimore Revival (Elizabeth Moll Stalcup)
North America – Mobile Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Smithton Revival (Joel Kilpatrick)

North America – Gangsters in the Doorway (Robby Dawkins)
North America – Interrupted by God (Robby Dawkins)
North America – 20th Anniversary – Toronto Blessing (Randy Clark)

Mexico – The River of God (David Hogan)
Central America – Missions at the Margins (Bob Ekblad)

South America – Snapshots of Glory (George Otis Jr)
South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)

South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (George Otis Jr.)
South America – Christian Light is filling Columbia’s Spiritual Black Hole
South America – Cali Transformation (George Otis Jr.)
South America – Almolonga, the Miracle City (Mell Winger)
South America – Prison Revival in Argentina (Ed Silvoso)
South America – Argentina Revival (Guido Kuwas)
South America – Bogotá Revival (Guido Kuwas)
South America – Revival Impacted Bolivia (Ruth Ruibal)
South America – Brazil: Transformation through Prayer (Inger Logelin)

Israel – Jews finding Jesus in Israel (God Reports)
Middle East – Many Muslims are Turning to Christ
Iran – fastest growing evangelical population
Egypt – Thousands gather
Arabia – Sheiks import Bibles
Egypt – Miracles in Garbage City, Cairo (Joel News)
Egypt – Thousands gather

Africa – Reinhard Bonnke’s beginnings
Africa – “This Disco is a church” (Reinhard Bonnke)
Africa – Congo: Before they call I will answer (Helen Roseveare)
Africa – Mozambique: The Primacy of Love (Heidi Baker)

Africa – Ghana: He woke up totally healed (Daniel Kolenda)
Africa – Ghana Miracles (Geoff Waugh)
Africa – Kenya Mission (Geoff Waugh)


See also Renewal Journal Themes
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6  Worship,  7  Blessing,  8  Awakening,  9  Mission,  10  Evangelism,
11  Discipleship,  12  Harvest,  13  Ministry,  14  Anointing,  15  Wineskins,
16  Vision,  17  Unity,  18  Servant Leadership,  19  Church,  20 Life  

Alpha in Prison

Church Growth through Prayer, by Andrew Evans
Church in the Home, by Spencer Colliver
Called to Community, by D Mathieson & Tim McCowan
Counselling Christianly, by Ann Crawford
Covenant Community, by Shayne Bennett

Dance: Worship God in Dance, by Lucinda Coleman

Evangelism: Living a Life of Fire, by Reinhard Bonnke

Lion of Judah

Mentoring, by Peter Earle
Moravian Revival, by John Greenfield

Minister Like Jesus, by Bart Doornweerd
Mystics and Contemporary Psychology, by Irene Alexander

New Apostolic Reformation, by C. Peter Wagner

Pentecostal/Charismatic Pioneers, by Daryl Brenton
Power Evangelism, by John Wimber

Power Evangelism in Short Term Missions, by Randy Clark
Prayer Answered before asking, by Helen Roseveare
Prayer and Revival, by J Edwin Orr
Praying the Price, by Stuart Robinson

Redeeming the Arts: visionaries of the future, by Sandra Godde
Renewal Ministry, by Geoff Waugh
Revival Worship, by Geoff Waugh

Sexuality, by John Meteyard and Irene Alexander
Smart Phone as a Spiritual Resource
Spiritual Warfare, by Cecilia Estillore Oliver
Supernatural Ministry, by John White interviewed by Julia Loren

Transformation, by Geoff Waugh
Transforming Revivals, by Geoff Waugh

Unity not Uniformity, by Geoff Waugh

Worldwide Awakening, by Richard Riss
Words, Signs and Deeds, by Brian Hathaway

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