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1967 Queen1The Christmas Message
Reflections on the significance of Christmas from The Queen’s Christmas Broadcasts

Bridge of Hope Bridges of Hope

01 eternity1 ETERNITY – the Arthur Stace story



 Imam hated Christians
until Jesus raised him from the dead


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Dynamic Blogs

 0Jesus’ Advice on
The Top 5 Regrets
of the Dying

Carl Lawrence & David Wang*

The Spirit told us what to do

Two teenage girls plant many churches

Excerpt from The Coming Influence of China
Johan van BruggenActs 3 acted out in faith in PNG
cfan1He woke up totally healed





Mama Luka“Before they call I will answer”
Helen Roseveare in Africa
RuibalRevival Impacted Bolivia

General Articles

Jesus the Model for Short Term Supernatural Mission
The Disciples’ Mission and Minstry (Geoff Waugh)

The Cross, in Signs and Wonders Study Guide
The Kingdom of God
8 Keys to Godly Living
Novak Djokovic – a Christian of deep faith
Jesus’ Advice on The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying
Charismatic Renewal: Myths & Realities
Christian Passover Meal Service

Resurrection (Peter Pilt)
10 Ways Heaven will be a Blast (Peter Pilt)
10 Commandments – A Christian paraphrase (Zak Cronjé)
East-West Diagram Comparisons (Yang Lui)
St Valentine

Your Smart Phone as a Spiritual Resource
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Giving Ideas
Porn Online [every revival sets us free]

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Our best ideas often come when we are aware of our Lord’s presence.  He is always present but we may be unaware of it – like right now.  However, we can be aware of Him anytime – like right now.  I was walking (with Jesus) and thought of ideas for this Renewal Journal website, such as expanding this Blog Index to make it clearer.  Blessings.






 Blogs Index 5: Church (Christianity in action)

Blogs Index 6: Chapters (Blogs from books)

Blogs Index 7: Images (photos and albums)


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