A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Share Good News

Share Good News


Clues and News

I love sharing information and ideas.  In God’s Kingdom, what we GIVE we keep and what we GRASP we lose.  So here are some basic Clues and News I found useful.  I’m happy to add more.  Add your comments and ideas at the bottom of this page.

Bible Passages

0 0 Bible birdsGoogle a word, verse, phrase or reference. 
You get many options including the reference.

Use Bible Gateway – you get many versions.
Try a phrase or key word to find many options.

Copy and use Bible passages. Copyright statements are at the bottom of the Bible Gateway page for each version.

Share Good News
Renewal Journal Logo

Internet posts are widely shared, eg. Renewal Journal articles.
Copy & paste the URL so others can find it.
You can share anything from the Renewal Journal, just acknowledge the source (include the URL).

WordPress is free
The Renewal Journal is on WordPress – easy to copy and use.

You can open your own WordPress web site and share good news.

Facebook is free
Share good news from Facebook posts.
Share good posts from others on your Facebook page.
If there is a copyright statement, include it.
You never know who will share your shares.
You never know what God will do with your shares.

Use Images

B word of God can do thisImages are now used widely. Find them on Google images.

TinEye Reverse Image Search [tineye.com]
I have hundreds of shared images in my Facebook Albums.

Many churches have brilliant IT teams now using visuals.

Shorten URL
Google URL Shortener enables you to shorten URLs.
It’s handy for emails or sharing article links.


Carey William

William Carey

Type or copy text into Google Translate and translate into or from English. This is handy to add to emails or messages overseas.

It is very basic but can be given to friends overseas who can use it, adapt it, or improve it.

Add your good ideas in comments at the bottom of this page.

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