A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

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tommy-welcherTommy Welchel: Last living link to the Azusa Street Revival

1.5 hour of testimony stories

Bible College Chapel on Pentecost Island, VanuatuPentecost Island, Vanuatu Video

The Bible College & ocean baptisms
Background story:
Revival Meetings in Vanuatu

Baptism Andrew speaksAndrew speaking at baptisms on Pentecost Island

Andrew and pastors conduct creek baptisms

Near Pangi village, July 2016


Baptism StevenSteven baptized on Pentecost Island

Andrew and pastors conduct creek baptisms

Near Pangi village, July 2016


Baptism ChandiChandi baptized on Pentecost Island

Andrew and pastors conduct creek baptisms

Near Pangi village, July 2016


20160703_122056Sunday service at Panlimsi village near Pangi

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu, South Pacific


20160626_195237Youth sing at service near Pangi, Pentecost Island.

I ask for the nations” (Pslam 2:8)


0 0 0 map SthBlog of the amazing story of Pentecost Island

Wife of highest ranking chief returns from death – girl revived from death after an hour of prayer – a whole mountain ‘on fire’ (with nothing burned) during revival meetings – witchcraft items revealed then removed and destroyed by prayer teams – everyone prayed for in ‘custom’ villages healed – angels filling a village church with songs in the night – everyone prayed for in the village was healed and all unbelievers repented during the worship and many were baptized.

Facebook videos

Book Trailers:

Renewal Journals 4 Volumeshttps://youtu.be/A2VeqWWNChg

Flashpoints of Revivalhttps://youtu.be/lxgRdc6d288

Living in the Spirithttps://youtu.be/XQ2JjaMwDcQ

Fruit & Gifts of the Spirithttps://youtu.be/1IdcwjbhwW4

Your Spiritual Giftshttps://youtu.be/C4g-vrwEefE

Body Ministryhttps://youtu.be/ROOMfQIqqCI

Great Commission Missionhttps://youtu.be/-ZI909K8z9A

South Pacific Revivalshttps://youtu.be/kuLNWLhooTQ

Great Revival Storieshttps://youtu.be/ZvdbrFFRLD0


Christian Passover Servicehttps://youtu.be/fvi1HQoBSGc

Jesus on Dying Regretshttps://youtu.be/l_YOpMQ3DI8

Discovering ASLANhttps://youtu.be/OzTs1Cc2ZO0
Trailer 1 48sec Powerful https://youtu.be/WjuQYpKzc9w
Trailer 2 32sec Shimmering https://youtu.be/oLhAeNtruek
Trailer 3 45sec Ocean https://youtu.be/JTJn7kNiqFc
Trailer 4 22sec Photos https://youtu.be/-YwW2MQO5-c
Trailer 5 13sec Traditional https://youtu.be/E-WQKAwd4hE
Trailer 6 43sec Custom https://youtu.be/4aYbvNFoQjc
Trailer 7 48sec Beautiful https://youtu.be/4fZRUZn1AGU     

The Lion of Judahhttps://youtu.be/t-1gJrAoc6g
Trailer 1 23s Ocean https://youtu.be/sYIYi1NY47w
Trailer 2 48s Flyby https://youtu.be/XldhwiaQbPI

Video Blessings:
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 1  https://youtu.be/nRFFY3y04bU
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 2  https://youtu.be/F3bLBTRU62I
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 3  https://youtu.be/Wu1wyqvScPk
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 4  https://youtu.be/dSfAbdkCaFA
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 5  https://youtu.be/LtZgGE-FRH0
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 6  https://youtu.be/66-iH029kiI
Discovering Aslan – Trailer 7   https://youtu.be/O9_QXWm97Qg

Lion of Judah – Trailer 1   https://youtu.be/yqxfTOIcibk 
Lion of Judah – Trailer 2   https://youtu.be/3uE1t3_gNTc

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