A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Renewal JournalYou can publish
Print-on-demand (POD) and

Digital books (eg Kindle)
for free.

You only pay for what you order,
from 1 to 1,000 or more.

A You can Publish for FreeSee the book: You can Publish for Free

This is a powerful revolution for Christian publishing, resources, and mission:

* Free
* Any language
* Free airmail worldwide available

Many people publish digital books for free, and don’t bother with a printed version.  You can do both, or either – for free.

One huge advantage of uloading your digital publication to Kindle is that you can make it available to everyone for $1 or less – immediately!

Amazon now sells more Kindle books than printed books.

Renewal Journal began traditionally over 20 years ago in 1993.  It cost a lot to print hundreds of copies, and cost more to mail them.  Now it’s all done for free, including digital versions.

Look at the Renewal Journals page – see Masthead.  All those 20 journals originally cost hundreds of dollars to print and mail.  We needed subscription lists – a big job.  Now the updated second editions cost nothing to print and are available with free airmail worldwide, and no subscriptions needed.  They are immediately available with free airmail from The Book Depository – see links.  The Renewal Journals and books are also published on Amazon and Kindle for free, and are immediately available with their Free App for PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone.

You can do that – for free.
Your youth group can do that – for free
Your society can do that – for free

Your church can do that – for free
Your college can do that – for free
Your mission can do that in any language – for free

You set the price per copy (eg $5, $8, $10).  You also get authors/publishers discount.


I published most of the books and journals on these web pages for free. Initially I paid for some covers and some internal layouts, but now I do it for free.

One huge advantage is that you can then upload new editions or corrections, also for free, for both digital and printed versions.

Digital eBooks are easiest to do now.  Just upload your Word file to Kindle!  Add a free cover you create with Cover Creator.

For printed books go to CreateSpace.com (an Amazon company) and follow the links.
What you publish there goes on Amazon and Kindle for free.

Expanded distribution adds your book(s) to The Book Depository with free airmail worldwide, and your books are listed on other distributors, some of which get listed on Amazon as well.

You can start small.  For example, King of the Granny Flat (a biography – Look inside) was a Grade 7, primary school assignment done by Dante Waugh, including the layout and photo selections.  So his Grandpa just published it – for free.  There’s an idea for parents and grandparents!

The main disadvantage is that all your errors get published (in print or digitally) just as you upload them!  But it’s easy to then upload a corrected version for free.  If you have a spouse or friend good at editing, you’re home and hosed.  CreateSpace now provides a brilliant digital proof of your book that you can examine before publishing.

You can pay for services, such as covers, layout, editing, marketing.  But these are all optional extras.  At first I used their services for layout and covers.  Here are examples of their cover designs I paid for:

A Pacific1Light on the MountainsA Looking to Jesus 1






Here are examples of cover designs done by others that we reproduced:

Flashpoints of RevivalLivingin the SpiritChurch on Fire






Most of the rest were done by the CreateSpace cover creator for free.  For example, the 20 issues of Renewal Journal have the same cover design and fonts, but different colours and photos – See Renewal Journals page:

Renewal Journal 1:  RevivalRenewal Journal: 2 Church GrowthRenewal Journal 3: Community





You will see many books with the same cover design but different colours and photos on the Books and Welcome pages here, all done for free, such as these in the Lion of Judah series I am now producing:

A 1 TitlesA 2 Reign of JesusA 6 Spirit of Jesus*





Other books, including the digital versions, have a range of free cover designs such as this design:

A Your Spiritual Gifts2Kingdom Life: JohnA Preface to the Acts*






What can you publish?  Possibilities are endless!

What about studies you have written?  Years ago I led electives on Spiritual Gifts at a National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC).  We photocopied booklets as a handout.  I had it on my computer, so I just uploaded an edited, expanded version to CreateSpace/Amazon and Kindle.  Now it is available on the Renewal Journal website as well.  You can do that for your resource.

An easy way to start your own books would be by using your family or holiday photos. Many people have albums on web pages such as Facebook but books are still popular and welcome, especially as gifts.

Perhaps you could consider fiction or non-fiction. Most of my books are non-fiction, but I have published fiction stories that a pre-school grandson told me when he was 3 and 4. Uploading many edited copies to the publisher cost nothing as I gradually improved the layout of the book. There’s a holiday idea for you with your children or grandchildren

An older grandson wrote a biography for a primary school assignment so I published that and it became a welcome and popular gift. He did the layout himself. You could help your children or grandchildren make a small book of around 24 pages.

Your children or grandchildren may appreciate your autobiography, or part of your life story. The world has changed so much since the twentieth century that your story could be really interesting especially if you illustrate it with some photos. You could start with some small books and then combine them into one larger volume later.

I have published various essays written by my students and made them available in a book. If you do that you become the editor of that book. Students often gave their work to me with better formatting than I can do myself. I have encouraged students to publish their work, for free.

Maybe you lead or speak in a study group and could gather your material into a small resource book. You can have that published and in your hands within a month, or have it available on Kindle tomorrow! I often use my books as resources for my speaking or teaching.

Why not try something to begin? You may find yourself enjoying this hobby and helping or blessing others in the process.

See the free eBook on the Welcome page
Build your free Revival Cloud library then download a book anytime.
Get updated versions automatically in Amazon/Kindle: go to
Manage your Content and Devices / Settings / Automatic Book Update.
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