A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

The 10 Domains


From the National Prayer Strategy:

The vision for the ten domains was revealed to Peter Kentley, the former CEO of Australian Marketplace Connections. Since 2009 we have received a number of confirmations to adopt and develop this vision in Australia, and to establish prayer (and mission) strategies for these domains.

During the 20th Century life became multi-faceted and overly busy with the following 10 domains dominating and competing for the families’ time, money, affections and ambitions. These spheres or domains are:
1.Trade and Finance (Business)
2.Government and the Military
3.Law and Justice
4.Religion and Philosophy
5.Creative Arts
7.Charity and Not for Profit Welfare
8.Health and Science
9.Media and Entertainment
10.Sport and Recreation

God has been largely relegated outside the circle of these domains. The cost of this relegation has been incredible: costs to society in the form of corporate ethical failures, physical and mental health burdens resulting from people failing to engage with Biblical solutions such as forgiveness, and the near melt down of the whole global financial system (the ‘GFC’) as a result of debt driven artificial wealth creation that was not based on Godly values and principles.

Even the church has been largely seduced into a Greek world view of the division of sacred and secular, creating a separation of Sunday from Monday. This resulted in the church only accessing some 5% of its peoples waking time and Christian discipleship becoming emasculated (minimising the impact of the Great Commission).

Yet the marketplace is the place where Christians spend some 67% of their waking time Monday to Friday. It is in the workforce that the Christians attitudes and character are put to the reality test…

…and if the Christians’ Monday behaviour does not reflect their Sunday belief, why would anyone believe their belief?

From this we can conclude that the BIG answer for the Church impacting the world is not primarily in programs, as good as some of these may be. The answer is in excellence of discipleship expressed into the world: i.e. into the workforce, into the marketplace, into the shopping centres, into the schools, into the hospitals, into the courts and onto the sports fields and so on. This is our original commission from Jesus in Matt 22:37-40 and 28:17-20 and John 17:18.


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