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20th Anniversary – ‘Toronto Blessing’

John and Carol Arnott

John and Carol Arnott

Outpouring Celebrates 20th Anniversary

  20 January 2014  marks the 20th anniversary of a series of meetings in a small church in Toronto Canada, led by Randy Clark a pastor from St. Louis, with John and Carol Arnott, senior pastors at Toronto.

The Holy Spirit visited these meetings at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Fellowship in such a remarkable way that a movement began known as the Toronto Blessing. Through this visitation of the Holy Spirit, millions have been saved, healed, delivered restored, and commissioned for the harvest fields around the world. Monday, January 20th, 2014, the Celebration began with Randy Clark bringing the very first message that he spoke 20 years ago in Toronto, titled, “Are You Thirsty?.” Randy joined fellow Revival Alliance members, John and Carol Arnott, Bill and Beni Johnson, Heidi and Rolland Baker, Che and Sue Ahn, and Georgian and Winnie Banov , along with 3000 other believers at the Catch the Fire Church in Toronto for a week long celebration and conference marking the historic meetings.

During the first year, the “Blessing” spread to 55,000 churches around the world. Over three million people visited the church during those first few years; thousands were rededicated and saved and thousands more were empowered and equipped to minister more effectively. Millions of new souls have been birthed into the Kingdom of God, such as in the revival in Mozambique, led by Rolland and Heidi Baker. They have seen roughly 10,000 churches started and over one million new believers have come into the Kingdom of God. This revival was birthed through a prophetic word Randy gave Heidi Baker in Toronto, accompanied by a powerful impartation of the Holy Spirit. The fire of this move of God in Toronto spread through the Bakers to the mission field of Mozambique, spanning over ten African nations. Other nations are being touched as well. In 1995, Randy prayed and prophesied over the Norwegian pastor Leif Hetland. Since then, Leif has been used to bring 1 million Muslims into the Kingdom of God, and he has helped establish over a thousand ”Lighthouses of Love” in the Middle East.

The ministry of Global Awakening was birthed by Randy in January 1994 as a result of God using him to bring the fire of revival to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. This ministry was birthed in the greatest revival movement of the last half of the 20th Century, a move of God resulting in the longest protracted meetings in the history of North America.

The prophetic words that have come forth during this celebration promise that the greatest wave of revival is still ahead, and that this generation will see the greatest harvest of souls that has been recorded in human history. Global Awakening has been in the forefront, because of Randy’s obedience to God, of this revival. We expect the greatest days of advancing the Kingdom yet ahead!

Randy Clark

Randy Clark

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