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Denmark: How a non-believing journalist met Jesus

What does a non-believing journalist ask Jesus when he appears right in front of her?

Danish journalist and author Charlotte Rørth was not a religious or spiritual person. In fact, she grew up in an atheïst intellectual family and was certainly not searching for something. But one day, totally unexpectedly, she met Jesus.

Somehow the meeting was prepared. While in Andalucia in southern Spain to write an article on olive oil production, Rørth visited the town of Baeza. There an old woman came up to her with a strange message: “You are called to tell the most important story in the world,” she said. Rørth thought the woman was crazy, and didn’t give it much attention.

‘I couldn’t move. I thought I was hit by a stroke.’

The next day, when visiting the famous El Salvador chapel in Udeba, Rørth suddenly froze. “I couldn’t move. I thought I was hit by a stroke as I felt completely paralyzed. But there was also an overwhelming sense of peace and joy. When my guide Andrea entered the chapel, he said: ‘Wow, Charlotte, how come you have this light around you? You are glowing!’ We both felt something was happening, but I had no idea it had to do with God.”

Back in Denmark life went back to normal, until one day she walked her dog in the forest. Out of the blue, a beam of light touched her head, went right through her body and projected her into another world. “I immediately knew it was the presence of God. I’ve never felt so unconditionally loved as in that moment.”

Then she started having dreams. In these dreams she saw herself in the chapel of Ubeda, while a voice was calling her from behind a closed door. Puzzled by these dreams Rørth decided to travel back to Spain and visit Ubeda again. Sitting in the chapel with her eyes closed, she suddenly received an open vision of Jesus. Again she felt fully and thoroughly loved.

“Jesus appeared in a kind of hologram. I saw him walking in Palestine until he noticed me and said: ‘Welcome, so good to see you!’ as if we had known each other for a long time and met again. His feet were dirty with dust. When I looked into his eyes, I instantly fell in love. Then he started a conversation in a language I couldn’t understand. So I said: ‘I don’t understand.’ And he said: ‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand.’ Somehow I was content with that answer, which is very uncommon for me as a journalist. Then Jesus disappeared. But his love and acceptance have not left me ever since.”

‘Jesus’ love and acceptance have not left me ever since.’

In a book titled ‘I met Jesus’ Rørth mastered the courage to share her experiences, knowing full well the impact it will have on her life. For how do you tell the world that you literally have met and talked with the Son of God when family, friends and colleagues know you as a critical thinking and rational human being? With journalistic thoroughness she began to seek explanation for her experience and researched deep into similar phenomena.

Rørth’s memoir received massive press coverage in Denmark and has remained on the Danish bestseller list for more than a year after its launch in January 2015. She is now a much sought-after public speaker, as she cannot keep silent about her encounter with Jesus and her knowledge of his being.

Source: Charlotte Rørth
Joel News International # 1042, June 22, 2017

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