A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

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A Pentecost on Pentecost All
Pentecost on Pentecost & in the South Pacific

A Pentecost on Pentecost B
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Link to Blog: Pentecost on Pentecost Island

Chapter  1 – Elcho Island (1994)
Chapter  2 – Papua New Guinea (1994)
Chapter  3 – Solomon Islands: Tabaka (1994)
Chapter  4 – Vanuatu, Australia (2002)
Chapter  5 – Vanuatu, Solomon Islands (2003)
Chapter  6 – Vanuatu: Tanna & Pentecost (2004)
Chapter  7 – Vanuatu: Pentecost ( 2004)
Chapter  8 – Vanuatu: Pentecost (2005)
Chapter  9  – Vanuatu: Pentecost (2005)
Chapter 10  – Fiji (2005)
Chapter 11  – Fiji – KBC and COC Teams (2006-2007)
Chapter 12 – Vanuatu, Solomon Islands (2006)
Chapter 13 – Solomon Islands (2007)
Chapter 14 – Fiji (2008-2009)
Chapter 15 – Vanuatu: Pentecost (2010-2016)  

Link to Blog: Pentecost on Pentecost Island

Some photos from the book:

Aborigines Baptised
Aborigines baptized on Elcho Island
Creek baptism on Pentecost Island
Ocean baptism on Pentecost Island

Mele Palm site of martyrdom on Pentecost

Banmatmat beach
Pentecost Island Bible College site


Bible College chapel

South Pacific mission team in Australia

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A Pacific1 South Pacific Revivals

Community and Ecological






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  1. Great things the Lord is doing and has done we need more of it. Geoff I know you a little from years back I need to ask you some things can you please email me using the email that is hidden with this comment.


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