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Revival in Fiji, a Special Invitation

Truly the hand of the Lord is upon this land the Fijians like to call “God’s treasured possession.” Having spent nearly two decades documenting God’s transforming handiwork around the world, I am convinced that Melanesia, and Fiji in particular, is the epicenter of modern day revival.


Miracles upon the land are everywhere

Trees that never stop bearing fruit. Poisoned rivers that instantly turn pure. Bleached reefs that return to vibrant life and color. And SO much more! 

But I want you to see it for yourself! This is the Kingdom of God on full exhibit. I am inviting you to join me this November for an eight-day visit to the Fiji Islands. This is not a vacation — it is much, much more!

  • Visit the Yasawa Island group where God has been doing wonders
  • Meet the Healing the Land team whose members are drawn from communities that have already seen spiritual awakening
  • Attend a two-day gathering where ambassadors from recently visited communities will testify of the Father’s mighty works
  • Potentially meet with members of the Olympic champion rugby team

Space is limited, but there is still time to reserve your place. I urge you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

For more information contact Carol Saia at:
Email: sentinelcarol@gmail.com
Phone in USA: (425) 971-8586 or (800) 668-5657


Who can forget the inspiring sight of Fiji’s Olympic rugby team, huddled in a circle at the end of their gold medal-winning match against Great Britain, and singing in glorious island harmony, 
“We have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the Lord.”

This spiritual acknowledgment — televised around the world — might well have been spoken of the nation as a whole.

Many countries, especially those as small as the Fiji Islands, carry on for hundreds of years without registering a single instance of transforming revival. But Fiji, from the early 2000s, has yielded these stories like a bumper crop of succulent fruit.


Thousands have been saved since the nation’s late president Josefa Iloilo commissioned a revival torch that has since been carried into every town and island group. Former cannibals have repented to the descendants of Wesleyan missionaries who lost their lives carrying the gospel into the interior. Former firewalkers have repented of their attachment to dark spirits. Idol worshippers have broken their hand-fashioned deities and burned them in communal bonfires.


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