A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Renewal and Revival Links

Renewal and Revival Articles

Renewal Journal and Geoff Waugh on Facebook – regular updates

Original Renewal Journal website – www.pastornet.net.au/renewal

Revival Library – revival-library.org

Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 37: Toward the Transformation of our Cities/Regions (2005)

Renewal and Revival Organizations

See also individual churches’ websites

The Sentinel Group – glowtorch.org – Transformation

Empowered21 – www.empowered21.com – Empowering a Generation

Transform World – www.transform-world.net –  – Transformation News

Renewal and Revival in Australian and the South Pacific

Church on Fire -renewal and revival in Australia

Early Evangelical Revivals in Australia – Robert Evans

Revivals in the Pacific Islands – Robert Evans

South Pacific Revivals – Geoff Waugh

Transforming Sydney – www.transformingsydney.org

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