A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Transforming Revivals

Transforming Revivals

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This book is also Part 2 of Great Revival Stories

Great Revival Stories

A survey of transformed communities and ecologies, including a chapter by George Otis Jr.  Chapters are compiled from articles in the Renewal Journals.

See Transforming Revivals, in Issue 11: Discipleship.

See Snapshots of Glory, by George Otis Jr in Issue 17: Unity.



Introduction  – Australian Aborigines                                           

1  Solomon Islands

2  Papua New Guinea

3  Vanuatu

4  Fiji

5  Snapshots of Glory, by George Otis Jr


Appendix:  Revival Books


Transforming Revivals transform ecology (the land) as well as individuals, churches, communities, and even nations.  They are the literal fulfilment of God’s promise: If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

The first chapters of this book survey transforming revivals in Australia and the South Pacific islands – selected from my book South Pacific Revivals (2nd edition, 2010).

Then in Chapter 5 this book expands to cover global transforming revivals researched and documented by George Otis Jr and the Sentinel Group.  See their website.

As you read these stories, you too can pray for revival, including asking God to touch you in new ways.  This is God’s purpose right now, everywhere.  God promised to pour out his Spirit on everyone – not just on good people, and not only on church people.  Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would fill us with power to be his witnesses.

That can happen as you read this book.  I pray that it will.

Some photos from the book

South Pacific Mission Team in Honiara

Missioon Team with Sir Peter & Lady Margaret Kenilorea

Sir Peter & Lady Margaret Kenilorea

Rev Ratu Vuniami Nakauyaca reports on Fiji transformations

Fiji artifacts

Idols destroyed in Fiji

Rev Walo Ani reports on PNG and Vanuatu

Dedicating the ocean to God

Cali, Columbia

Almolonga, Guatemala

Abundant harvests in Almolonga

Jesus is Lord of Almolonga

Algodao de Jandaira – transformed after 24 years drought

Baptised in the dam

Steve Loopstra with Vitoria who had dreams about the unknown town

Eneas & Simnone Araujo, pastors at Valentina Baptist Church in Joao Pessoa, north east Brazil

George Otis Jr

George Otis Jr reports on global transformation in one chapter here, and in many books and the Sentinel Group Transformation DVDs – www.glowtorch.org

Renewal Journal – Contents  – All issues with links to articles

Book Depository – Transforming Revivals (free postage worldwide)

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