A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Evangelism to People Groups

 My Resumé

* Born and raised a God-fearer

* A hard working man, loyal to my family

* Jesus interrupted me at work one day and gave me a call to serve him

* I followed him

* I left my job and gave it everything I had

* I failed sometimes, but was mostly successful

* I was filled with the Spirit and was used in signs and wonders ministry among thousands of people

* I thought I knew everything

* I was a widely recognised leader with an evangelistic-apostolic ministry

* But just about all my ministry was among my own people

* One day things changed

* I had an out-of this-world experience directing me to leave my cultural comfort zone and join with people of another kind.  These strange people were seeking God.

* I saw God pour out his Spirit on them

* I’d had this experience myself 12 years before.  But I got wrapped up in the church so much I didn’t have much time or care for other groups of people.  My church was my culture, and my culture captured and ruled my Christian beliefs and ways

* But when I saw God pouring out his Spirit on people I thought were weird, God shook me up and I came to see that all people in the world are equally loved by him.  His special gifts are for everyone

* Yes, I was a Pentecostal for 12 years.  But a very narrow-minded one!  Now I am a world Christian!

Signed, Simon Peter,

Transformed Christian Jew

(By Paul Grant)




© Renewal Journal 10: Evangelism, 1997, 2nd edition 2011.
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