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Renewal Journal 10: Evangelism

Book Review

Flashpoints of Revival
1st edition, 1998; 2nd expanded edition, 2009
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 Review from the Foreword by Dr C. Peter Wagner (1998)

Geoff Waugh and I agree that our generation is likely to be an eye witness to the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit that history has ever known.  Many others join us in this expectation, some of them sensing that it will come in the next few years.

I have heard more reports of revival‑like activity in the past three years than in the previous thirty.  This has caused revival to be a more frequent topic of Christian conversation than I have ever seen.  There is an extraordinary hunger for learning more about how the hand of God works in revival.

That is a major reason why Flashpoints of Revival is such a timely book.  Christian libraries are well stocked with detailed accounts of certain revivals as well as scholarly analytical histories of revival.  But I know of no other book like this one that provides rapid‑fire, easy‑to‑read, factual literary snapshots of virtually every well‑known revival since Pentecost.

As I read this book, I was thrilled to see how God has been so mightily at work in so many different times and places.  I felt like I had grasped the overall picture of revival for the first time, and I was moved to pray that God, indeed, would allow me not to be just an observer, but rather a literal participant in the worldwide outpouring that will soon come.  As you read the book, I am sure you will be saying the same thing.


Comments on Flashpoints of Revival

Geoff Waugh’s comprehensive and up-to-date book provides a global perspective of the unexpected and transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Read, be inspired and encouraged.      Rev Dr John Olley

The first time I read this book, I couldn’t put it down.  Not only were the stories researched with clear and concise data, but they provide an account of revivals that blew my mind away.  An inspirational read.        Romulo Nayacalevu, Fiji

This work is of great significance.  It is a comprehensive overview of the major revivals during the last three centuries. Churches and Christians around the world will benefit greatly from this timely contribution.    Rev Prof Dr James Haire

It will be a compendium for historians and others interested in the subject for a long time to come. I doubt if there is a resource quite like it for logical progression and comprehensive treatment.     Rev Tony Cupit

It is very informative and up to date concerning revivals both past and present. I am confident that this book will be well received by many scholars and historians.      Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy

This is a great reference book providing information of when, where and how God has touched regions and people groups with his manifest presence over history. Many of these events are included and reported on providing the reader with an overview and insight into when revival has broken out and its impact on people, church and society.      Martin Mitchell (Amazon)

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