A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

From Renewal Journal 5: Signs & Wonders as on Amazon and Kindle and The Book Depository.
Also in Renewal Journals bound volume 1 (Issues 1-5)


 Many books examine the place of Signs and Wonders in the church today.

John White’s When the Spirit Comes with Power: Signs and Wonders among God’s People, Hodder & Stoughton, revised 1992, gives many current accounts and helpful comments.

John Wimber’s classics written with Kevin Springer, Power Evangelism (revised 1993) and Power Healing (1986), both Hodder & Stoughton, are well known and give detailed examples and principles.

Charles  Kraft’s Christianity with Power: Experiencing the Supernatural, Marshall Pickering, 1990, examines cultural concerns such as worldview as it affects our understanding of the Bible, and offers helpful ministry guidelines.


 Video/DVD  Review

 Biblical Holism

 Biblical holism: where God, People and Deeds Connect is a Christian Interactive Video Workshop – a Journey Towards Understanding – prepared by John Steward, the Development Services Manager of World Vision in Australia.  World Vision has a brochure that introduces this resource.  The workshop is for small groups who work through, with the help of a 3 hour video, a study on the Lordship of Christ over every area of life.  This foundation leads to studies on the application of the biblical material to Christian life and service.

Of particular interest to the theme of Signs and Wonders, one section of the study shows how these are part of the divine activity in the world that often leads to questions which open the way for the word of witness.  Brian Hathaway shares how God led the Te Atatu Church in New Zealand into this awareness.  A case study shows the critical importance of Signs and Wonders among Folk religions.

For a free introductory video about the workshop, write to World Vision Australia Book Shop, GPO Box 399C, Melbourne, Victoria 3001.  Ph. (03) 287 2297;  Fax (03) 287 2427.

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See Renewal Journal 5: Signs & Wonders as on Amazon and Kindle and The Book Depository.
Also in Renewal Journals bound volume 1 (Issues 1-5)

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