A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and Revival

Looking to Jesus

Journey into Renewal and Revival

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This autobiography spans 80 years of involvement in ministry and mission, especially in the last 50 years of renewal and revival. This is an Australian story, with global relevance. Accounts of renewal in Australia and revival there and overseas fill the last two chapters, with two other chapters describing pioneering teaching in Papua New Guinea.


Revival Highlights reproduced from

Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal & Revival and

Journey into Mission and

Journey into Ministry & Mission

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Amazon Reviews:

Invitation to a Journey

Geoff Waugh’s life and ministry have influenced people all around the world. The story of his life and ministry will be of interest not only to those who know him – you will find yourself reflecting on your own journey with Jesus. Beginning in Australia, then Papua New Guinea, his invited ministry in renewal and revival has involved every continent. While he has written Flashpoints of Revival (recently updated) recounting revivals in the past three hundred years around the world and many books of Bible studies, this new book has a different focus, and it is an exciting and easy read. Geoff traces his journey from strong roots which remained the solid core of his life from childhood to marriage to active retirement. Here is a personal journey with reflections that will enrich the lives of all readers. As he `looked to Jesus’ along the way he was opened up to many exciting new ventures in Australia and into countries where revival and renewal is vibrant, changing many lives. Although a biography, many others are involved. Geoff’s journey is like a rose bush with strong roots and branches. He is one bud of many, opening into a beautiful bloom as he opened himself to God’s leading into an exciting journey. His reflections fit naturally, showing how his personal journey has relevance for others. A bonus is the appendix with full details of contents of his other publications.

Review by Rev Dr John Olley, retired principal, Baptist Theological College in Perth, Australia.

Insightful, Inspirational, Informative

An interesting survey of 70 years from his early life as the son of an evangelical minister, to becoming a minister and missionary and a leader in renewal and revival through his teaching in Australia and overseas.

Revival stirs both curiosity, excitement and anticipation in God’s people. Geoff shares his personal journey with humour and life flowing out of it, always directing us to follow Jesus’ example alone.

I strongly recommend this book and found it easy to read but at the same time it stirred up a deep longing in my heart to reach a more intimate relationship with God. Thank you Geoff

Review by Daphne Beattie

Faith Journey

Dr Waugh’s account in “Looking to Jesus” demonstrates his passion and servanthood life, displayed in his calling from the pulpit to the mountains and valleys of the Pacific and beyond. His passion, zeal and commitment to the Gospel make Him a true missionary to places where we wouldn’t dare. I would recommend this book to all, the story of a man who is truly sold out to His King and Master – the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Waugh’s personal journey and convictions are a testimony to people like me who are trying to be available to God’s call. Dr Waugh remains a mentor and a friend and “Looking to Jesus” is the simplest way of describing Dr. Waugh’s faith journey. His testimony will challenge us all about our priorities and the true meaning of obedience. A STRONGLY recommended read.

Review by Romulo Nayacalevu, Pastor and Lawyer in Fiji.

Essential reading

I have been blessed to be one of Geoff Waugh’s students in the COC Bible College in Brisbane. This book was such a blessing. It showed how God has been such a huge part of Geoff’s life since he was a young boy. It was really inspiring to read the book and to realize all the amazing things God has done through Geoff, that he is not just a teacher on revivals, he is really someone who lives it! I highly recommend this book. We need more fathers in the faith who have walked with Jesus for so long and who have seen real moves of the Holy Spirit to share with us and encourage us like Geoff does in this book. This is not just a biography, it is a book that will teach and inspire you in your walk with God.

Review by Jo Ioane,  Pastor.

The Contents:

Preface: thanks

Introduction: Waugh stories – an overview

1. Beginnings: state of origin – growing up in NSW, Australia

2. Schools: green board jungle – learning and teaching

3. Ministry: to lead is to serve – theological college and pastorates

4. Mission: trails and trials – pioneering teaching in Papua New Guinea

5. Family: Waughs and rumours of Waughs – Family life in PNG and Australia

6. Search and Research: begin with A B C – exploring Israel and studies

7. Renewal: begin with doh rey me – charismatic renewal in Australia

8. Revival: begin with 1 2 3 – teaching revival leaders in many countries

Conclusion: begin with you and me – looking ahead

The author, an Australian Baptist minister, worked with many denominations including teaching Baptist ministry students in Papua New Guinea, and teaching Methodist and Uniting, Anglican and Catholic, and pentecostal students in Australia. Revival experiences include teaching church and revival leaders in many countries including in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. The book considers implications of truly being one in the Body of Christ in the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

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Geoff’s grandson Dante wrote a brief biography of Geoff in primary school, published as King of the Granny Flat


King of the Granny Flat – PDF

Pioneer Mission in PNG

Light on the Mountains is an expanded version of Chapter 4 (Mission) in Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and Revival.

Light on the Mountains – PDF

Journey into Mission is an expanded version of Chapter 8 (Revival) in Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and Revival.

0 0 Jurney M2

Journey into Mission – PDF

Journey into Ministry and Mission: Renewal and Revival

Condensed from Looking to Jesus: Journey into Renewal and Revival,

and Journey into Mission

0 0 A Journey Mission

Journey into Ministry and Mission – PDF










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