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Living in the Spirit

Living in the Spirit study bookLiving in the Spirit

The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life


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Information: Originally published as an 80 page book in 1987, and reprinted in 1990 and 1991, this personal or group study book is now enlarged to 127 pages, and greatly improved. Some new sections have been added, and each chapter now begins with a powerful example of that chapter’s theme.

Thousands of copies of the earlier version have been used for personal and group study, including its use as a small group study book. Many home groups, cell groups or student study groups have found this survey of living in the Spirit both informative and inspiring. It invites a response from the reader, whether read alone or studied in a group. If offers fresh and challenging perspectives on living in the blessing, power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, who always exalts Jesus as Lord.


Introduction: new perspectives

1. Father, Son and Holy Spirit
God is One
The Father’s heart shows God’s love
Jesus reveals God’s love
The Spirit imparts God’s love

2. Born of the Spirit
The Spirit creates
The Spirit re-creates
God acts
We respond

3. Filled with the Spirit
The Spirit in God’s people
The Spirit in Jesus
The Spirit in the early church
The Spirit in us

4. Fruit of the Spirit
The fruit of the Spirit in us personally
The fruit of the Spirit in us communally
Growth in the Spirit personally
Growth in the Spirit communally

5. Gifts of the Spirit
Power for mission
Gifts for mission
Unity for mission
Love for mission

6. Ministry in the Spirit
Body ministry
Mutual ministry
Wholeness ministry
Freedom ministry

7. Led by the Spirit
The Spirit leads us
The Spirit leads gently
The Spirit leads personally
The Spirit leads corporately

8. The Spirit of the Lord
The Spirit of the Lord in Israel
The Spirit of the Lord in Jesus
The kingdom of God
The king: Jesus Christ is Lord

APPENDIX 1:   Voices from history     Tertullian, Augustine, Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory the Great, Francis of Assisi, Walter Hilton, Thomas á Kempis, Teresa of Avila, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Goodwin, Richard Baxter, John Wesley, David du Plessis

APPENDIX 2:   Spiritual gifts questionnaire

APPENDIX 3:  Revival Books

PHOTOGRAPHS (see these on Amazon – “Look inside”) Photographs in this book show international revival teams from the South Pacific, living in the Spirit together, involved in mission in the islands and in Australia. These studies combine theological and biblical reflection with practical application. Many people have found these studies to be helpful and liberating.

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Detailed Contents with Photos from this book

Appendix 1: Voices from History

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Fruit & Gifts of the SpiritFruit and Gifts of the Spirit

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