A Chronicle of Renewal and Revival

Keeping Faith Alive Today

Keeping Faith Alive Today

Group Studies on Prayer, Bible Reading and the Holy Spirit

Handy for personal and group studies – for home groups & youth groups.

Keeping Faith Alive Today – PDF

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Looking for some practical, interactive group sessions on prayer, Bible reading and the Holy Spirit? Here’s a helpful group study book with sessions by Revs Nevin Vawser, Colville Crowe, and Geoff Waugh.

Keeping Faith Alive Today

is about building a strong devotional life –

a life in which prayer, Bible reading, and the presence

and influence of God’s Holy Spirit

are vital forces.

The studies combine discoveries

from the Bible and the experience of others

with discoveries from your own experience.

Here is an invitation

to discover in practice

ways of keeping your faith alive.


Two Sessions on Prayer

by Nevin Vawser

1 New Ways to Pray

2 What Did I Discover?

Two Sessions on Using the Bible

by Colville Crowe

3 Try Reading the Bible

4 Share Your Experiences

Two Sessions on Life in the Spirit

by Geoff Waugh

5 Faith Alive in Personal Life

6 Faith Alive in Community

Highly recommended and widely used in Australia.

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